Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Enhancing performance and engagement with diverse teams

A diverse business can look at its future with a clearer vision than most. Businesses that prioritise inclusivity when growing their teams can ensure the placement and development of professionals who hold a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs; ultimately enabling their organisation to connect with customers more effectively and enable positive change.

For diversity and equality to be achieved, organisations must recruit, attract and retain diverse talent. Gibson Watts works with our partners to understand their needs, helping them to access diverse talent pools and challenging them on their existing practices to ensure an inclusive process.

Gibson Watts actively promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion, both internally and in collaboration with our partners. During each search, we focus on engaging with new networks and sources, to identify existing and emerging talent that shapes our partner’s diversity agenda.

Working with partners at every step of the search process

Gibson Watts works with its partners at every step of the search process to identify the business's aspirational goals on diversity, and look to provide advice and insight where possible. Either as we define the brief, or assess which sources we identify candidates from, we are committed to presenting inclusive long-lists with a high percentage of diverse candidates. Throughout the interview stage, we actively support our clients on how to reduce unconscious bias during the selection phase.

The business case for equality, diversity and inclusion is well documented, however, it is about more than just the numbers, treating people fairly and equally. Embracing diversity has a much broader positive business and social impact.

As well as working with key stakeholders and our clients to help build diverse talent pools in their organisations, Gibson Watts is wholeheartedly committed to maintaining a strong representative balance in our own organisation.

Championing equality and sustainability from within

Gibson Watts is proud of its record in championing diversity and sustainability, not only for our clients, but within the business itself. We aim to eliminate discrimination on any grounds while consistently promoting equality in the workplace and equality of opportunity in our supply chain.

In terms of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) record, we work hard to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint. We achieve this through our Sustainable Procurement Policy, prioritising sustainable collaboration, staff training, and more.

Sustainability is at the heart of Gibson Watts’ identity and is shared by our dedicated staff. Our team regularly engages in off-site activity to help the local environment and make a positive impact on the communities in which we are based.

To learn more about our record on ESG, read our policy on Corporate Social Responsibility.