Cleantech & Renewables

We are proud to place top talent in two of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Collaborating with industry visionaries, startups, and thought leaders, we’re accelerating toward a more sustainable world with every placement.

Energy Generation

The energy transition is in full swing. To keep up the pace, we are bringing together technical specialists and companies who are committed to making our energy grids smarter, lower carbon, and more resilient. We are actively involved in all aspects of recruitment across the energy sector, specifically energy generation, energy infrastructure, and energy efficiency.

Agricultural Technology

To feed the world’s growing population, sustainability needs to be at the heart of our farming solutions. However, Agritech companies can often be faced with the issue of finding talent in rural areas. We have a network of experienced and talented recruiters who are specialised in the agricultural industry to help find you the very best candidates.

Clean Transportation

One of the world’s largest and most essential industries, transportation and its infrastructure are not only vital components for moving people and goods, but also play a huge role in the modern economy. We locate talent that drives transformative results in the transportation sector, contributing to safer and greener transport networks for all.

Technology & Manufacturing

Technology and manufacturing are considered some of the fastest-growing, fastest-changing, and possibly most demanding career sectors. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your workforce is diverse, agile, and adaptable. Our search process is future-focused, helping you find the right talent that will meet these sectors’ demands.

Hydrogen Technology

Often referred to as the ‘fuel of the future,’ green hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative to fossil fuels. We have substantial experience in successfully recruiting across the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, to storage and distribution, utilisation and infrastructure development.

Onshore Wind

Representing one of the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energy technologies, onshore wind is a clean, safe, and reliable way of generating electricity We are determined to continue playing a crucial role in pushing onshore wind even further into the mainstream of energy sources.

Energy Storage

As solar and wind energy become increasingly prominent in our power generation mix, energy storage is crucial to mitigate the reliance on non-renewable when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. We have a proud history of placing top talent for leading and emerging energy storage organisations, including a market leader for long-term duration energy storage (LDES).

Solar Energy

Both the fastest-growing and most abundant energy source on Earth, solar energy is a reliable, sustainable, and effective way to generate power. From Solar PV Engineers and Project Managers to C-Suite executives in the industry, we are fully committed to facilitating the growth of solar energy across all of the world’s major markets.

Offshore Wind

To mitigate climate change, many countries around the globe are investing in offshore wind to restructure their power generation mix. We take pride in collaborating with businesses that are leveraging next-gen technology to expand the market to deeper coastal waters through floating offshore wind farms.

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