Leadership Development & Assessment

Enabling organisations to make informed, strategic decisions

Leadership matters. Leadership is the most important single factor determining success in business. When good leadership exists, organisations and individuals prosper.

Leadership evaluation helps organisations to identify gaps in the talent pool, while establishing who is prepared to lead teams or projects and take on senior management positions when the opportunity arises. With the baby-boomer generation reaching retirement age, companies need a solid succession planning process to ensure continuity of leadership.

That involves identifying the executive education needed to ensure your company has the right people with the right training in place at the right time. The process can get a healthy head-start with effective leadership assessments.

Supporting great talent decisions and accelerating growth of leaders

Our assessments can help you:

  • Profile candidates for senior executive roles
  • Evaluate critical talent to support high potential development
  • Manage succession planning
  • Support executive development

These are used for:

  • Reducing bias in hiring and promotion decisions
  • Accurately predict job performance
  • Creating personalised development plans
  • Gaining a holistic view of leaders’ skills

To deliver on strategy and growth aspirations, organisations need future-ready leaders. Whether initiating a succession plan, C-suite transition, strategic pivot, or key acquisition, a holistic and robust data-based assessment informs successful talent decisions.

Relationship-based and data-driven, our extensive work placing talent at the board and executive levels of the world’s premier organisations gives us a unique perspective into the skills leaders need to maximise their potential and accelerate business performance.

What we can do

We assess individuals or teams with consistency and speed using science, research and our decades of search and development experience. The outcome of our work will inform your talent selection, promotion and development decisions.

We measure four things:

Performance: How effective are your leaders right now and who are your ‘A’ players?

Hiring or promotion: Do you have an internal leader who can step up and tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities? If you don’t, we can build a plan to close those talent gaps or help you hire someone new.

Potential: Who looks ready to step into a more challenging role? We seek out that potential and let you know who has the capacity to grow and how fast.

Fit: There’s a difference between being a good leader and being right for a particular role. We make sure potential leaders have the skillset and personality to do their best work in key positions.

Leadership Assessment

Our leadership assessments come in many forms—from high volume, to customised, personal evaluations to team profiling and 360 degree feedback assessments, led by our consultants.

Gibson Watts utilises a combination of assessment tools and providers, depending on the client's need and size of the project. We have fully trained and accredited Consultants in across several platforms, including HoganDISC and McQuaig as well as others.

For each assessment, we draw on multiple methodologies including behavioural and market interviews, team and peer 360 feedback, online self-assessments, and intelligence tests. After every assessment, or combination of assessments, we report back on what we find, no matter how many people we are assessing.