Professional Search

Inspire and drive your business with mid to senior-level hires

Many businesses are aware that executive search can be used to resource c-suite executives, and that recruitment services exist to attract personnel into your business. But it is often a challenge to know the best approach available for attracting mid to senior-level members of staff.

These individuals are, in many ways, critical to the ongoing development of the company. By simultaneously reporting to the executive team and leading the workforce, they serve as the bridge for businesses when communicating their organizational strategies and enacting positive change.

Because of this, it is essential to resource the best senior employees who can inspire their workforce and drive progress. This is why we developed our Professional Search– to ensure that our clients have a bespoke process in place for attracting these individuals.

What is Professional Search?

Professional Search sits between our recruitment and our executive search services. It entitles our clients to a dedicated research resource, McQuaig psychometric testing, regular meetings with our consultants and researchers, and is delivered utilising a robust research methodology similar to executive search.

This service is designed to identify, and attract middle management, mid-experienced professionals who are the perfect fit for our clients and will make an immediate positive impact within their business.

Professional Search includes:

  • A retained service
  • Dedicated research resource
  • Comprehensive Interview notes
  • Transparent and controllable process
  • Access to off-market candidates
  • McQuaig psychometric testing
  • Company and candidate lists
  • Regular update calls
  • Shortlist meetings
  • High-quality branded assignment briefs
  • Pre-briefing research meetings
  • A timeline and process set (at the project outset)
  • A wash-up meeting (at the project end)
  • Detailed level of search

Benefits of contract recruitment

  • Reduced costs: Contractors or temporary workers can be a cost-effective alternative to permanent employees since they don't require the same benefits as paid time off or pension contributions.
  • Shorter hiring process: Hiring contract employees is generally a far quicker process. This is because you should be hiring for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than ensuring the individual is a long-term cultural fit.
  • Flexibility: With contract workers, the process of hiring becomes notably more flexible as you can specify the type, duration of working hours, and scope that you need to get the job done.
  • New perspectives: An outsider who has no ties to the company will be more willing to provide honest assessments and fresh perspectives. This could potentially revolutionise the way a business functions for the better.
  • Niche skills: Contract and temporary workers tend to have a very niche skill set and are accustomed to performing on very specific projects. They are likely to complete it efficiently and cost-effectively compared to an existing employee that’s been transferred from another part of your business.
  • Ease workload for current staff: Hiring a temporary worker means you can avoid giving your existing team members additional work, reducing the likelihood of burnout and resignations.

Our dedication to cleantech and renewable energy

As a purpose-led business, Gibson Watts is proud to be supporting leading businesses in the cleantech and renewable energy sectors. We know that resourcing talent in these markets can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why our dedicated team of researchers and consultants are focused on these industries and have developed an in-depth knowledge of them to advance our clients’ talent agendas.

Learn more about our work in cleantech and renewable energy