What we stand for

Our Mission

To build diverse leadership and world-class teams for organisations globally. With a people-led approach to executive search and recruitment, we connect forward-thinking businesses to their future leaders, delivering tomorrow’s change.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognised brand, partnering with today’s organisations, to deliver tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Values


Our professionalism and knowledge make up the fabric of our identity, allowing us to engage with our colleagues and clients. At Gibson Watts, every team member demonstrates commitment, hard work, and an enthusiasm to our clients. We take on exclusive roles with high margins, operating in unique and growing markets with purpose.


We take pride in our open environment, where every team member can access any necessary support in a friendly and social atmosphere. Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do, and a success for the business is a success for us all. At Gibson Watts, everyone is valued, interconnected, and their commitment rewarded.


We collaborate to seek out new opportunities and encourage openness and honesty. Gibson Watts continuously aims to be innovative in its practice, empowering the team to collaborate and discover new ways to differentiate ourselves, drive change, and push the business forward.


We engage with businesses who are looking to go on a journey of transformation. We utilise our team’s expertise to contribute industry-knowledge and solve broad and complex problems for our clients and society at large. Together, we strive to achieve positive transformation by helping our clients recruit tomorrow’s leaders.