What defines Agricultural technology?

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Over the years, the agriculture industry has seen seismic shifts due to global warming and technological advancements. With the global population continuing to rise, the industry is facing sustainability and scaling issues as it tries to keep pace with these growing demands.

As we transition towards a greener economy, sustainability also needs to be at the heart of our farming solutions - enter the Agritech industry.

Agricultural technology, also known as Agritech or Agtech, refers to the use of modern, environmentally-friendly technologies that help improve the efficiency and output of farming methods. Essentially, it is about producing more with less whilst preserving our land and habitats for future generations. It is an industry that is revolutionising farming as we know it.

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Reinvention of traditional farming: Modern solutions for modern-day problems

What is Cleantech Agriculture?

Cleantech agriculture is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of practices and technologies within the farming sector that minimise environmental damage. It is an industry that is finding eco-friendly alternatives to traditional farming methods to create a more sustainable future.

What is Sustainable Farming/Agriculture?

In short, sustainable farming is an agricultural system that adopts new practices that mutually benefit the farming community and our planet. As the world’s largest user of land and water resources, the environmental challenges posed by agriculture are huge, but conscious efforts are being made to change this.

In contrast to traditional farming, sustainable agriculture is reported to use up to 56% less energy per unit of crops produced and creates 64% fewer GHG emissions per hectare.

It is important to note that this responsibility doesn’t solely rely on our farmers. We cannot reach our sustainable farming goals without a collaborative effort from everyone involved in the system: from policymakers down to consumers.

What is Regenerative Agriculture/Regenerative Farming?

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that protects soil health, promotes animal welfare, and helps to rehabilitate the entire ecosystem.

Regenerative farming encompasses an array of practices that help to reverse climate change. These methods move away from conventional farming practices, such as tilling and fertilisers, and instead focus on improving and restoring soil biodiversity. Crop rotation, crop diversity, and planting cover crops are just some of the ways we can practice sustainability on our farms. These practices protect and build soil health for future generations and don’t compromise on the yield and profitability of production.

Jobs in Agriculture AI/ Farming AI

Artificial intelligence in agriculture is one of the ways farmers are tackling the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population. With the use of state-of-the-art agricultural software, AI is taking the guesswork out of farming and ensuring better quality control.

These are just some of the innovations that are powering a more sustainable future for farming:

How is smart farming transforming the Agritech job market?

Agricultural equipment is rapidly evolving beyond traditional implements. With autonomous robots, drones, and AI gaining traction within the farming world, concerns have been raised over the future of this job market.

However, smart farming will instead bring about a demand for a new generation of farmworkers. Alongside these technological advancements comes a whole host of new, innovative jobs within the sector that are driving the growth of greener farming practices. Therefore, workers will need to be highly skilled in STEM subjects to continue the research and development of traditional and future technologies.

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