Market Intelligence

Diversifying business through expansion into new markets

Market and industry intelligence are essential to fill the void that exists when entering new sectors or expanding into new territories. Our market insight can help plug this gap and provide critical data for informed decisions to be made.

Our dedicated in-house research function conducts an in-depth analysis of talent availability, the depth and structure of organisations and functions, as well as detailed information on compensation and benefits. Once presented back to our partners, this information creates the foundation for a full executive search or future search, and helps solidify a business decision.

Illustrating the geographical spread of talent

Market Intelligence helps identify the skill level, and subsequent expectation of candidates for specific roles, as well as illustrating the geographical spread of talent. It is particularly useful for businesses entering new markets, who want to understand the location of potential recruits and the level of Executives and Technical Specialists they need.

Gibson Watts’ process allows businesses to have a ‘rolling’ understanding of potential recruits, allowing changes in strategy to implement ideas much more efficiently. Evaluating and defining the competitive landscape ahead of time means your business is better prepared to take advantage of market changes.

Examples of Market Intelligence

  • Identifying the ‘next wave’ of Senior Managers and Executives in a highly technical and competitive industry. This enabled us to be well positioned to attract and engage the best talent at senior level within this industry.
  • Analysing the market profile of a group of partners, to help identify key competitors and areas of strength/weakness to be leveraged or improved. This helped them understand what their next steps needed to be to remain competitive.
  • Identifying and analysing compensation and benefits packages for a partner’s key competitors at Senior Manager and Leadership levels, providing visibility on the business's current standing in the market and ability to attract and retain key talent.

As above, the specific details of market intelligence assignments can be varied, but they all provide valuable data and knowledge that enables businesses to progress.