Our Legacy

Where we come from

Gibson Watts has built a reputation in the US and Europe (with a notable focus on Scandinavia) as a purpose-led executive search and recruitment business. One which is actively supporting leading and emerging organisations in cleantech, renewables, and various cutting-edge sectors in these spaces. But where did it all start?

For those within the business, it is no secret that our CEO Anne O’Donnell has a history in search and recruitment which spans over 25 years. However, her passion for renewable energy came back in 2017. This was when she and the board of consulting company Procorre made the strategic decision to invest in the energy transition and began looking at a range of projects in this space.

One such project was Corre Energy, which specialises in storing renewable electricity and hydrogen at scale. They successfully floated in 2021, and Gibson Watts has been actively assisting them to locate and implement the best leaders throughout their business’s continuous growth. From this experience, Gibson Watts’ senior management team identified the challenge that businesses in cleantech and renewable energy sectors face when trying to find the right leaders. Our board uncovered that businesses in these sectors require executive search and recruitment partners who truly understand their industry and share their passion to grow and support the energy transition.

Due to our history in this field, we have built on our legacy to drive a positive difference for our planet. We believe that connecting the best people to world-changing ideas is the only way to achieve this.

Gibson Watts’ name also has a legacy: it is Anne’s father’s name. He had two daughters so it seemed fitting that his name should live on through our business, as we help improve the lives of generations to come!

Today, Gibson Watts continues to collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking organisations globally. Our growing team shares our commitment to the energy transition and diligently strive to improve the communities in which they are involved.

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