Introduction to our Associate Consultant – Jana Sedlackova

Recently, we caught up with our Associate Consultant, Jana Sedlackova.

Since joining us 10 months ago, Jana has proven herself to be a real asset to the company with her exceptional communication and team collaboration skills.

Being a part of a company that cares for its employees and the environment is extremely important to Jana, so we’re thrilled she’s a part of our team.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about her role at Gibson Watts, her background, and what she enjoys doing in her spare time!


What is your role at Gibson Watts?

I am an Associate Consultant, which means that I research potential candidates, shortlist them, and then schedule screening calls to assess their interests and suitability, ensuring these match client briefs.

I always try to get to the bottom of what both the hiring company and the candidates are searching for to make the best possible matches for both sides.

What types of projects have you worked on since joining?

I mainly work for companies in the energy transition sector, specifically green hydrogen and compressed air storage. I’ve recently placed a Technical Project Manager for a long-duration energy storage cavern in Denmark, Controls Planner for a similar project in the Netherlands, and a Communications and PR Manager for a green hydrogen supply chain integrator company in the US.

What is your background? (Previous employers, education background, career history)

I joined Gibson Watts as their first-ever trainee, and I couldn’t have been happier that I was given the opportunity to embark on this journey! I previously worked as an Optical Assistant and Pharmacy Consultant and I studied theoretical art, so I have plenty of different influences.

Why did you decide to join Gibson Watts?

When I made the decision to dip my feet into the world of recruitment, I promised myself to only join a company that is conscious and cares for people and the environment – as this could be a difficult topic for many companies, especially in the recruitment industry. At Gibson Watts, these are the values that we share as individuals and as a company.

How important is sustainability to you?

 Sustainability is very important to me. Growing up, I was a member of a group very similar to Scouts. Spending time in nature and protecting and preserving as much of it as we could was our main focus. This has never changed for me.

I think it’s absolutely necessary that we take steps towards a greener future, and we need to take them quickly.

How do you try and be more sustainable?

I try to keep my consumption of meat and dairy to a minimum, cook plenty of vegan meals at home, and mainly use oat milk for my tea and coffee. Sometimes, I even make oat milk at home. I regularly buy things from a local zero-waste shop and get my vegetables from veggie boxes to minimise the food wastage.

At least half of my wardrobe is second-hand, and I like upcycling and altering things to make them last a bit longer. If I do buy a new item, I quite often check the sustainability of the brand first ( website is really useful for this). My friend and I also organise Clothing Swap events where people can bring the items they don’t wear anymore and swap them for something else they will wear instead.

How would you describe the company culture and environment at Gibson Watts? What do you enjoy about working for Gibson Watts?

Gibson Watts is a very inclusive company, where we are all given the chance to understand every aspect of the business. I feel like our voices are heard here, which is very important.  We get the right amount of autonomy and support at the same time.

The best thing about being here at Gibson Watts is that we all feel that we want each other to succeed and that makes it a very empowering place to be.

What are your hobbies? Outside of work, what is important to you?

Alongside sewing and upcycling clothes, I also make lingerie which I sell too. I haven’t spent much time behind the sewing machine lately as I have been making the most of being outside in the sunshine, but I’m hoping to get back into it now that the weather will be gloomier.

I also really like cooking - tasting new things and trying to make them at home.

This year I joined an amateur drama group. We sold out on two of our shows in the summer and I’m now looking forward to our Christmas performance in which I’ll be singing and dancing too - yay!

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