Introduction to our Research Associate - Aditya Amonker

For this week’s employee spotlight, we sat down with our Research Associate, Aditya Amonker, to showcase his key responsibilities within Gibson Watts.

Aditya joined our team in June 2022 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

In his role, Aditya is tasked with supporting our clients by recruiting and attracting top talent for senior-level positions. These clients also share a focus on sustainability and the energy transition.

With a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aditya has brought a wealth of skills and knowledge to the team and never fails to put a smile on everyone's face in the office.

Let's find out a bit more about what his role entails and his life outside of the office!

What is your role at Gibson Watts? What types of projects have you worked on since joining Gibson Watts?

As a Research Associate at the firm, my current role involves conducting company and candidate research to determine if candidates are well suited for our clients. This happens before we approach candidates to carry out the initial engagement interviews.

I also evaluate the role suitability from the perspective of both the candidate and client. Whilst it's important to check that the candidate is the right strategic hire for our clients' long-term goals, it's equally important to make sure the candidate is taking the right steps. This ensures that both the candidate and client are perfectly aligned and helps the next stage of the recruitment process run smoothly.

The main projects I have worked on since joining Gibson Watts have been Executive Search and Senior-Level placements. As part of the Executive Search function, my focus is on the placement of senior-level executives and providing market intelligence into our client presentations. 

Our clients are primarily involved in the energy transition or are focused on sustainability. For example, a recent project I worked on was for a Market Leader to be the face of a leading clean-tech business within their particular market sector. Another project was to recruit a Director of Research for a business expanding their clean fuels division.

What is your background?

Since arriving in the UK in 2016, I've completed my master's in Mechanical Engineering with a year in Industry where I did 2 industrial placements. The first one was with the German Aerospace Center in Bremen, where I worked on developing prototypes of closed-loop plant cultivation systems to demonstrate alternative food generation methods in space. The second one was with Toyota in Kuwait where I was responsible for working in the vehicle maintenance operations team.

Whilst I was studying at university, I also worked with the University E-Formula Car Racing team as a powertrain cooling engineer.

Post-university, I made a career switch by pursuing an internship with Gresham Technologies as a Technical Support Analyst where I learnt about resolving technical issues in a structured format, before (once again) changing paths by moving into Executive Search as a Research Associate at Gibson Watts.

Why did you decide to join Gibson Watts?

The opportunity to work in a start-up environment was really appealing to me, as well as the chance to work in a high-growth space, gaining international client-facing experience. Also, the broader impact of being able to work at the forefront of developing leaders of the future was something that was just too hard to say no to.

The values at Gibson Watts (intuitive, supportive, collaborative, and transformative) are embodied by the team working here. All of this made joining the firm an incredibly easy decision.

How important is sustainability to you?

Over time, I've become more and more aware of how my actions have consequences and how they can make an impact not just from an environmental perspective but also from a social perspective, especially when it comes to maintaining good health and the well-being of myself and those around me. Since realising this, the significance of sustainability in my general life has become more prominent.

How do you try and be more sustainable?

Whilst I'm not necessarily the best example in the office for leading the charge towards living a more sustainable life, I do make it a habit to do the basic things in a more sustainable way - even though it sounds very silly. This includes reducing my food consumption in general (especially meat consumption), ensuring that I turn off all switches that have electric appliances connected to them when not in use, reusing old clothes to clean the house, and just generally not buying new clothes, instead going second-hand. 

How would you describe the company culture and environment at Gibson Watts? What do you enjoy about working for Gibson Watts?

Despite being a fast-paced and dynamic start-up, the people working here are very supportive. They make the time to help you and immediately made me feel welcome in the office – it is a fair reflection of the values that the people at Gibson Watts hold. What I enjoy about working here is that nobody takes themselves too seriously. There seems to be a healthy balance of being driven to succeed but also being able to have a good laugh. Quality banter makes it fun to come into the office!

What are your hobbies? Outside of work, what is important to you?

One of the main goals that I'd set for this year was to get back into a fitness regime and it is something that I'm very dedicated to, so, naturally, most of my outside work time goes into being active. This includes going swimming and playing football on the weekdays and going on exploratory walks with mates to check out new places, either when they come down to Bristol or when I go to visit them wherever they reside.

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