Renewable energy jobs: Why it is the sector to be working in

By Josh Smith

The benefits of renewable energy are obvious to the consumer and the environment. There’s the knowledge that by adopting a ‘green’ approach to your energy, you’re helping the planet. Then there are the financial savings of choosing renewable energy over non-renewable.

But, what are the benefits to those working in the sector?

Job security

There has never been a time where job security has been tested more than now.

Even industries that had previously considered themselves near invincible and services thought of as essential, have suffered and are continuing to suffer during Covid-19.

The International Energy Agency report that renewable energy has so far been the energy source most resilient to Covid‑19 lockdown measures. If there is a need for power, there will be a need for energy.

Expanding market

By 2030, the UK should be running on 50% renewable energy, according to the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC). The sector is expanding at an exponential rate and is currently just behind Germany with the highest proportion of renewable energy. In 2020, renewables generated more electricity than fossil fuels across Europe.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that wind-turbine technicians and solar-panel installers are currently the fastest-growing jobs in the country. Working in an expanding market means there will be plenty of scope for career progression, work variation and project choice.

Luke Clark of RenewableUK said of potential economic opportunities that renewables can offer after the pandemic: “The UK’s low-carbon economy will stimulate new growth, boost productivity and support tens of thousands of jobs as we work on projects at home and secure new export opportunities around the world.”

Variety of opportunities

The sector offers an array of jobs at every part of the renewable energy project process. This includes work in manufacturing, marketing, law, engineering and more. Due to the diversity of different projects there are opportunities to upskill and get experience on different sites and locations. As the sector continues to grow, there is plenty of opportunity to work alongside the latest cutting-edge technology and developments.

Making a positive impact

Alongside all the benefits above, working in renewable energy means contributing to a sector that provides a clean energy alternative that uses the natural environment and has an overall positive impact on the environment.

As the sector expands, there is less pressure on the environment’s finite resources in place of an efficient, cost-effective and cleaner alternative.

If you’re in the renewable sector looking for a new role, please visit our jobs page for latest opportunities.

Written by Josh Smith

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