Webinar: Establishing a Greener Future featuring Chloe Maloney, Amalie Gøperød & Dr. Alice Lépissier

About our speakers:

Introduction: Chloe Maloney
To kick-start the webinar, Chloe provides an overview of the host, Gibson Watts, and a sneak peek into what we can expect from the webinar. As the cleantech and renewable energy industries are growing rapidly, businesses operating in these sectors need to adapt quickly to meet the demand. Chloe sheds light on how Gibson Watts’ expertise and unique positioning in the market can help businesses overcome these challenges associated with the transition.

First Half: Dr. Alice Lépissier
The first half, delivered by Dr. Lépissier, presents the latest scientific evidence on the profound economic transformation required to reach net-zero goals. The transition to a low-carbon economy will require significant and rapid changes across all sectors, including energy, transportation, buildings, and industry, at a rate of change unseen since the industrial revolution. She discusses how transitioning to a low-carbon economy presents a significant commercial opportunity for green businesses, but it also carries risks, such as non-compliance with sustainability standards and greenwashing.

Second Half: Amalie Gøperød
In the second half, Amalie digs deeper into the challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon economy and how CEMAsys can help businesses comply with sustainability regulations and standards to reduce risks. She specifically explains how to be compliant with the upcoming SEC climate disclosure rule in the US, the CSRD regulation in the EU, and how this will help you create a climate strategy that leads to net zero.

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